SG10K Pilot - Large-scale whole-genome sequencing of three diverse Asian populations in Singapore

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Underrepresentation of Asian genomes has hindered population and medical genetics research on Asians, leading to population disparities in precision medicine. By whole-genome sequencing of 4,810 Singapore Chinese, Malays, and Indians, we found 98.3 million SNPs and small insertions/deletions, over half of which are novel. Population structure analysis demonstrated great representation of Asian genetic diversity by three ethnicities in Singapore, and revealed a Malay-related novel ancestry component. Furthermore, demographic inference suggested that Malays split from Chinese ~24,800 years ago, and experienced significant admixture with East Asians ~1,700 years ago, coinciding with the Austronesian expansion. Additionally, we identified 20 candidate loci for natural selection, among which 14 harbored robust associations with complex traits and diseases. Finally, we showed that our data can substantially improve genotype imputation in diverse Asian and Oceanian populations. These results highlight the value of our data as a resource to empower human genetics discovery across broad ... (Show More)

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Genomic data obtained from the joint processing and variant calling of 4,810 individuals from Singapore. VCF files are by Chromosome (chr. 1-22 plus X) for all 4,810 individuals. Self-reported ethnicity is found in the "Region" column of metadata file.

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