A spatiotemporal organ-wide gene expression and cell atlas of the developing human heart

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The process of cardiac morphogenesis in humans is incompletely understood. Its full characterization requires a deep exploration of the organ-wide orchestration of gene expression with a single-cell spatial resolution. Here, we present a molecular approach that reveals the comprehensive transcriptional landscape of cell types populating the embryonic heart at three developmental stages, and which maps cell type-specific gene expression to specific anatomical domains. Spatial Transcriptomics identified unique gene profiles corresponding to distinct anatomical regions in each developmental stage. Human embryonic cardiac cell types identified by single-cell RNA-sequencing confirmed and enriched the spatial annotation of embryonic cardiac gene expression. In situ sequencing was then used to refine these results and create spatial subcellular map for the three developmental phases. Finally, we generated a publicly available web resource of the human developing heart to facilitate future studies on human cardiogenesis.

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Dataset includes 2 scRNA-seq samples from a 6.5-7 post-conception weeks human embryonic heart and 19 samples from 4.5-9 post-conception weeks human embryonic hearts analyzed with the Spatial Transcriptomics method. H&E stains can be sent if requested.
Illumina HiSeq 2500,NextSeq 500 21

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