Rapid response of APC/TP53/KRAS mutated stage IV colorectal cancer under FOLFIRI + Bevacizumab detected by liquid biopsy: a case report

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In our non-interventional liquid biopsy study, a male patient in his fifties diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer and polytope liver metastases rapidly progressed after completing chemotherapy and deceased 8 months after diagnosis. Retrospective cell free DNA testing showed that the APC/TP53/KRAS major clone responded quickly after 3 cycles of FOLFIRI + Bevacizumab. Retrospective exome sequencing of pre-chemotherapy and post-chemotherapy tissue samples including metastases confirmed that the APC/TP53/KRAS and other major clonal mutations (GPR50, SLC5A, ZIC3, SF3A1 and others) were present in all samples. After the last chemotherapy cycle,

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WES using IDT xGen Research Exome on Illumina NovaSeq 2x150bp: Normal sample (buffy coat), cecum tumor biopsy at diagnosis, ileocecal valve region tumor sample at week 19, pericolonic metastasis at week 19, lymph node metastasis at week 19, peritoneal metastasis at week 19. Week 19 samples from hemicolectomy. Deep coverage cfDNA NGS using PanCeq pan-cancer panel on NextSeq 2x150bp: week 2 and week 10.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000,NextSeq 500 8

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