SDH deficient renal tumours RNA

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Succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) deficient renal cancers are a rare and understudied subtype of renal cancer. As such they represent an unmet need in kidney cancer research. Here, we seek to describe the genomics and transcriptomics of SDH deficient renal cancers by sequencing five such tumours. We document their mutational burden, define driver mutations, demonstrate typical patterns of structural variants, and estimate the cell of origin and cellular composition.

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SDH deficient renal cell carcinomas are a rare and recently defined subtype of kidney cancer, often associated with an inherited mutation in one of the SDH gene subunits. This dataset sought to understand the genomic events that underpin tumour formation, from putative cell of origin, characterisation of the tumour microenvironment, to the genomic evolution of these rare tumours. We performed whole genome and RNA sequencing of 4 patients with SDH deficient renal cell carcinomas, including one ... (Show More)
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