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StemNet - in vitro differentiation of human hepatocytes

Integrative epigenomic and transcriptomic characterization of hepatocyte-like cells differentiated in vitro from human induced pluripotent stem cells in comparison with primary human hepatocytes. This study comprises single cell RNA-seq, bulk mRNA-seq, ATAC-seq and RRBS.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001005933 Illumina HiSeq 2500 12
EGAD00001005934 Illumina HiSeq 2500 15
EGAD00001005935 Illumina HiSeq 2500 45
EGAD00001005946 Illumina HiSeq 2500 7
EGAD00001008951 Illumina HiSeq 2500 57
Publications Citations
Prediction of single-cell gene expression for transcription factor analysis.
Gigascience 9: 2020 giaa113
Transcriptional and Epigenetic Consequences of DMSO Treatment on HepaRG Cells.
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