Overrepresentation of genetic variation in the AnkyrinG interactome is related to a range of neurological disorders

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Upon the discovery of numerous genes involved in the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders, several studies showed that a significant proportion of these genes converge on common pathways and protein networks. Here, we used a reversed approach, by screening the well-characterized AnkyrinG protein-protein interaction network, implicated in a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders, for genetic variation in a large cohort of 1009 cases with neurodevelopmental disorder. We identified a significant enrichment of de novo potentially disease-causing variants in this network, confirming that this protein network plays an important role in the emergence of several neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Approximately 1000 trio's with varying degrees of cognitive disorders. All samples have been sequenced for the AnkyrinG interactome using MIPS technology. Data is presented as BAM and unfiltered VCF files.
NextSeq 500 1

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