Molecular subsets in renal cancer determine outcome to checkpoint and angiogenesis blockade

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We conducted integrated multi-omics evaluation of 823 tumors from advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) patients and identified molecular subsets associated with differential clinical outcomes to angiogenesis blockade alone or with a checkpoint inhibitor. Unsupervised transcriptomic analysis revealed six molecular subsets with distinct angiogenesis, immune, cell cycle, metabolism, and stromal programs. While sunitinib was effective in subsets with high angiogenesis, atezolizumab+bevacizumab improved clinical benefit in tumors with high T-effector and/or cell cycle transcription. Somatic mutations in PBRM1 and KDM5C associated with high angiogenesis and AMPK/Fatty acid oxidation gene expression, while CDKN2A/B and TP53 alterations were more prevalent in tumors with increased cell cycle and anabolic metabolism. Sarcomatoid tumors exhibited low prevalence of PBRM1 mutations and angiogenesis markers, frequent CDKN2A/B, BAP1 and TP53 alterations, and increased PD-L1 expression. These findings can be applied to molecularly stratify advanced RCC patients, explain improved outcomes of ... (Show More)

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This dataset contains somatic alteration calls summarized at the gene level for 715 patients profiled by FoundationOne (Foundation Medicine).
This dataset contains demographic, histology, PDL1 IHC, TMB and outcome data (PFS and ORR) for 836 patients, 823 of which had RNAseq, 715 had FMI, with 702 patients having both. The dataset also includes xCell deconvolution scores for patients with RNAseq data.
This dataset contains log2(TPM + 1) transformed counts for the 823 tumor samples profiled by RNAseq.
This dataset contains FASTq files for tumors from the 823 patients profiled by RNAseq.
Illumina HiSeq 4000 823

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