Whole genome sequencing of glioblastoma reveals enrichment of non-coding constraint mutations in known and novel genes

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EGAS00001004379 Other

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Glioblastoma (GBM) has one of the worst five-year survival rates of all cancers. While genomic studies of the disease have been performed, alterations in the non-coding regulatory regions of GBM have largely remained unexplored. We apply whole-genome sequencing (WGS) to identify non-coding mutations, with regulatory potential in GBM, under the hypothesis that regions of evolutionary constraint are likely to be functional, and somatic mutations are likely more damaging than in unconstrained regions.

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The dataset comprises of an aggregate level VCF (version 4.1), containing the somatic point and indel mutations found across the glioblastoma cohort (SweGBM-1, n=38 samples). The VCF file is in accordance with the HTS format specifications (

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