Personalised Mapping of Tumour Development in Synchronous Colorectal Cancer Patients

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EGAS00001004413 Other

Study Description

We performed an in-depth characterisation of 12 tumours from 3 syCRC patients by analysing histopathological, whole genome sequencing and RNA-sequencing data. We assessed the extent of genetic overlap between synchronous tumours and examined associations between clinicopathological information and the molecular, microbial and immune features of each tumour genome.

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Here, we performed a characterisation of 12 tumours and matched normal samples from 3 syCRC patients by whole genome sequencing: Patient A (tumours A1 and A2), Patient B (tumours B1-B5), and Patient C (tumours C1-C5). Somatic SNVs, indels and stuructural variants were called.

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