Single-cell RNA-sequencing reveals that glioblastoma recapitulates a normal neurodevetlopmental hierarchy

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EGAS00001004422 Other

Study Description

We discovered a conserved neural tri- lineage cancer hierarchy centered around glial progenitor-like cells. We also found that this progenitor population contains the majority of the cancer’s cycling cells, and, using RNA velocity, is often the originator of the other cell types. Finally, we show that this hierarchal map can be used to identify therapeutic targets specific to progenitor cancer stem cells. Our analyses show that normal brain development reconciles glioblastoma development, suggests a possible origin for glioblastoma hierarchy, and helps to identify cancer stem cell-specific targets.

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10xGenomics single-cell RNA sequencing of glioblastoma patient tumor
Illumina HiSeq 4000 25

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