The Molecular Landscape of Asian Breast Cancers Reveals Clinically Relevant Population-Specific Differences

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Molecular profiles of breast cancer have contributed to an improved understanding of the disease, enabled development of molecular prognostic signatures to guide treatment decisions and unveiled new or more accurate therapeutic options for breast cancer patients. However, the extent to which differences in genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors influence molecular profiles in different populations remains poorly characterised, as relatively few large-scale molecular studies of breast tumours in non-Caucasian populations have hitherto been reported. Here, we present the molecular profiles of 560 Asian breast tumours and a comparative analysis of breast cancers arising in Asian and Caucasian women. Compared to the breast tumours in predominantly Caucasian women reported in TCGA and METABRIC, we show an increased prevalence of Her2-enriched molecular subtypes and higher prevalence of TP53 somatic mutations in ER+ Asian breast tumours. Using gene expression and immunohistochemistry, we observed elevated immune scores in Asian breast tumours, suggesting potential clinical response ... (Show More)

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The dataset contains a full genomics characterization of 527 Asian breast tumours. This includes whole-exome sequencing of tumour tissue at 80X, whole-exome sequencing of matched normal (blood) tissue at 40X, shallow-whole genome sequencing at 0.1X for copy number analyses, and RNA-seq of tumour tissue at 40X coverage (>15 million reads). Whole-exome libraries were prepared using the Nextera Rapid Capture Exome Kit; exome capture was performed in pools of 3 and subjected to paired end 75 ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 4000 2235

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