SNP arrays for chemotherapy response project

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Study Description

In this study, a total of 300 patients with MIBC receiving chemotherapy were included; 62 received NAC before cystectomy and 245 received first-line chemotherapy upon detection of locally-advanced (T4b) or metastatic disease. Treatment response, defined as pathological downstaging (< pTa,CIS,N0) after NAC or complete or partial response after first-line treatment (RECIST criteria). Illumina SNP arrays (760k markers) were performed using DNA from 49 tumors and associated germline DNA (49x median coverage). Data provided here consist of 98 files.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
SNP data from 49 paired samples (tumor/germline) with muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Illumina Infinium Human Global Screening Array GSAMD-24v2-0_20024620_a1 BeadChip 98

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