RNA-Sequencing and Somatic Mutation Status of Adrenocortical Tumors: Novel Pathogenetic Insights

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EGAS00001004533 Other

Study Description

To investigate the relationship between transcriptome profile and genetic background in a large series of adrenocortical tumors and to identify new potential pathogenetic mechanisms, we performed transcriptome profiling by high-throughput sequencing. We collected snap-frozen tissue from patients with adrenocortical tumors (n = 59) with known genetic background: 26 adenomas with Cushing syndrome, 17 adenomas with mild autonomous cortisol secretion, 9 endocrine-inactive adenomas, 7 adrenocortical carcinomas. Additionally, we sequenced 4 control samples.

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RNA paired end sequencing of 59 adrenocortical tumors and 4 controls.
NextSeq 500 63

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