Mutational signatures in head and neck cancer (H019)

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Study Description

Genomic alterations are a driving force in the multistep process of head and neck cancer (HNC) and result from the interaction of exogenous environmental exposures and endogenous cellular processes. Each of these processes leaves a characteristic pattern of mutations on the tumor genome providing the unique opportunity to decipher specific signatures of mutational processes operative during HNC pathogenesis and to address their prognostic value. Computational analysis of whole exome sequencing data of the HIPO-HNC (n=83) and TCGA-HNSC (n=506) cohorts revealed five common mutational signatures (COSMIC signature 1, 2, 3, 13 and 16), and demonstrated their significant association with etiological risk factors (tobacco, alcohol and HPV16).

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Paired whole exome sequencing data of the HIPO head and neck cancer (HNC) (n=83), using Agilent SureSelect V4+UTRs and V6+UTRs with the sequencing platforms HiSeq2000 and HiSeq2500. The reads were aligned to hg19. This is part of project H019.

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