Whole Exome Sequencing of High grade T1 non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

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Study Description

High-grade T1 (HGT1) bladder cancer (BC) is the highest risk subtype of non-muscle-invasive BC with unpredictable outcome and poorly understood risk factors. Here we performed whole exome sequencing across 61 HGT1 samples to identify genomic predictors of good outcome, recurrence or progression. This study includes somatic mutation calls and clinical data for 61 HGT1 tumors.

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The dataset consists of a multisample VCF (version 4.1) and the corresponding annotated MAF file, containing the somatic point mutations found from exome sequencing across the high-grade T1 bladder cancer cohort (HGT1, n=61 samples). The VCF file is in accordance with the HTS format specifications ( The dataset comprises also a CSV file with clinical data.

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