The Genetic Basis of Preeclampsia in an Andean Population Adapted to High Altitude

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EGAS00001004625 Population Genomics

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
Fastq files generated during target sequencing of 10MB genomic region surrounding top hits in GWAS in a subset of 86 individuals in case families. Paired end sequencing performed on Illumina NextSeq.
NextSeq 500 86
Genotypes generated for Puno cohort Batch 2. Case (PRE) and control (PUN) families were recruited in hospital. Raw genotypes no QC. Includes unrelated genotyping controls (HG).
Affymetrix Axiom LAT 467
Phenotypes from case families listed in medical records and used in analyses.
Genotypes generated for Puno cohort Batch 1. Case (PRE) and control (PUN) families were recruited in hospital, and additional unrelated controls were recruited in university (UNA). Raw genotypes no QC.
Affymetrix Axiom LAT 480
Combined genotypes for Batch 1 and 2 after quality control. All individuals included in analyses.
Affymetrix Axiom LAT 877

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