Characterization of stromal tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and genomic alterations in metastatic lobular breast cancer

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EGAS00001004641 Cancer Genomics

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The dataset contains the targeted sequencing (TS) and the whole genome low pass (WGS) BAM files of the study. For the TS: Samples: TS_XXX There are normal and tumor DNA samples. Each DNA strand has been sequenced independently (PoolA and PoolB). A TruSeq Custom Amplicon panel of 20 genes frequently mutated in ILC and/or ER-positive BC in general was designed using DesignStudio from Illumina: AKT1, ARID1A, CDH1, ERBB2, ERBB3, ESR1, FOXA1, GATA3, IGF1R, JAK2, MAP2K4, MAP3K1, NF1, PIK3CA, PTEN, ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 4000,NextSeq 500 730

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