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Aggressive PDACs show hypomethylation of repetitive elements and the execution of an intrinsic IFN program linked to a ductal cell-of-origin

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001006538 13
EGAD00001006539 23
EGAD00010002004 7
EGAD00010002005 18
EGAD00010002007 9
Publications Citations
Aggressive PDACs Show Hypomethylation of Repetitive Elements and the Execution of an Intrinsic IFN Program Linked to a Ductal Cell of Origin.
Cancer Discov 11: 2021 638-659
Axon guidance receptor ROBO3 modulates subtype identity and prognosis via AXL-associated inflammatory network in pancreatic cancer.
JCI Insight 7: 2022 e154475