Human breast transcriptome analysis

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Study Description

Obesity is a risk factor for the development of post-menopausal breast cancer and is associated with a worse breast cancer prognosis. Here we carried out transcriptome profiling on nontumorous breast tissue to define the molecular changes that occur related to excess body fat and adipose inflammation. A second goal was to determine if blood biomarkers reflect molecular changes in the breast. Increases in a variety of pathways linked to tumor development and progression were found. Moreover, increased expression of several drug targets including aromatase, the rate-limiting enzyme for estrogen biosynthesis, and PD-1 was observed. Various blood biomarkers that are associated with either elevated risk of breast cancer or worse prognosis were altered and correlated with molecular changes in the breast. Collectively, this study helps to explain both the link between obesity and breast cancer and the utility of blood biomarkers for determining risk and prognosis.

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Transcriptome analysis of nontumorous human breast tissues. 196 cases were included in the dataset.
Illumina HiSeq 4000 196

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