Microbiota 16S sequencing study in NSCLC patients eligible for surgery without neoadjuvant treatment

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18 non-small cell lung cancer patients eligible for surgery without neaodjuvant treatment were included in the study at Centre Jean Perrin (France). Patients did not take any antibiotics, food supplements or immunostimulants 2 months prior to inclusion. During surgery, patients underwent partial or complete lobectomy where samples of non-malignant lung tissue, peritumoural tissue and tumour were resected from the removed lobe. This was preceeded by the washing of the removed lobe and obtaining the broncho-alveolar lavage fluid. These four sample types were analysed by 16S sequencing in 17 from 18 patients. The study is a part of the project "Characterization of Microbiota (Intestinal, From Lungs, and Upper Airways) in Patients With Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma: Exploratory Study " which is registered under ref. NCT03068663 (

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This dataset is composed of 86 samples: 15 samples of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL), 17 samples of non-malignant lung tissue, 14 samples of peritumoural tissue, 16 tumour tissues, 8 negative DNA extraction controls, 16 negative sampling controls for BAL. Samples were obtained from 17 NSCLC patients (average age 68 years). Sequenced region was 16S V3-V4. Fastq files are provided.

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