Nuclease deficiencies alter plasma cell-free DNA methylationprofiles (Human)

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EGAS00001004897 Other

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The effects of DNASE1L3 or DNASE1 deficiency on cfDNA methylation was explored in plasma of mice deficient in these nucleases and in DNASE1L3-deficient humans. Compared to wildtype cfDNA, cfDNA in Dnase1l3-deficient mice was significantly hypomethylated, while cfDNA in Dnase1-deficient mice was hypermethylated. The cfDNA hypomethylation in Dnase1l3-deficient mice was due to increased fragmentation and representation from open chromatin regions (OCRs) and CpG islands (CGIs). These findings were absent in Dnase1-deficient mice.

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The dataset contains 2x75bp paired-end sequencing data in DNASE1L3-deficient human subjects. We performed bisulfite sequencing of plasma samples from three DNASE1L3-deficient subjects and one heterozygous parent to investigate how nuclease deficiencies alter plasma cell-free DNA methylation profiles.
Illumina HiSeq 1500,Illumina HiSeq 4000 7

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