Detection of Gene Fusions using Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing – a Comparative Evaluation

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EGAS00001004934 Cancer Genomics

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Five commercially available parallel sequencing assays were evaluated for their ability to detect gene fusions in eight cell lines and 18 FFPE tissue samples carrying a variety of known gene fusions. Four RNA-based assays and one DNA-based assay were compared; two were hybrid capture-based, TruSight Tumor 170 Assay (Illumina) and SureSelect XT HS Custom Panel (Agilent), and three were amplicon-based, Archer FusionPlex Lung Panel (ArcherDX), QIAseq RNAscan Custom Panel (Qiagen) and Oncomine ... (Show More)
Illumina MiSeq,Ion Torrent S5,NextSeq 500 228

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