Genetic insights into the biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing

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Reproductive longevity is critical for fertility and impacts healthy ageing in women, yet insights into the underlying biological mechanisms and treatments to preserve it are limited. Here, we identify 290 genetic determinants of ovarian ageing, assessed using normal variation in age at natural menopause (ANM) in ~200,000 women of European ancestry. These common alleles influence clinical extremes of ANM; women in the top 1% of genetic susceptibility have an equivalent risk of premature ovarian insufficiency to those carrying monogenic FMR1 premutations. Identified loci implicate a broad range of DNA damage response (DDR) processes and include loss-of-function variants in key DDR genes. Integration with experimental models demonstrates that these DDR processes act across the life-course to shape the ovarian reserve and its rate of depletion. Furthermore, we demonstrate that experimental manipulation of DDR pathways highlighted by human genetics increase fertility and extend reproductive life in mice. Causal inference analyses using the identified genetic variants indicates that ... (Show More)

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This dataset contains 11 paired-end FASTQ sequences from mRNA-Seq on single human M-II stage oocytes that were collected from gonadotropin stimulated women undergoing fertility treatments. M-II stage oocytes were collected and flash frozen prior to lysis followed by RNA extraction, full length cDNA preparation and amplification using the Ultra-low-input SMART-Seq2 v4 kit from Takara Clonetech. Further, these cDNA were used to prepare libraries for sequencing according the Nextera XT DNA library ... (Show More)
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