RNA-sequencing of gluten-reactive and non-reactive T-cells from blood samples of treated CeD patients during a gluten-challenge

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Study Description

Gluten-specific CD4+ T cells are drivers of celiac disease (CeD). Here we aimed to characterize such cells in blood of treated CeD patients during gluten challenge with comparison to similar cells of untreated disease. Treated CeD patients underwent a 3-day gluten-challenge with blood sampling at baseline and day 6 (d6). Blood cells were stained with HLA-DQ:gluten tetramers (Tetramer). CD4+, gut-homing Tetramer+ and Tetramer- effector-memory T (TEM) cells at d6 were subjected to bulk RNA-seq (n=7).

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Gluten reactive T-cells from blood samples from patients undergoing a 3 day gluten challenge. Samples were collected on day 6. Both gluten reactive and non-gluten reactive T-cells were sequenced.
NextSeq 500 12

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