Kalirin-RAC controls nucleokinetic migration in ADRN-type neuroblastoma

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The migrational propensity of neuroblastoma is affected by cell identity, but the mechanisms behind the divergence remain unknown. Using RNAi and time-lapse imaging, we show that ADRN-type NB cells exhibit RAC1- and kalirin-dependent nucleokinetic (NUC) migration that relies on several integral components of neuronal migration. Inhibition of NUC migration by RAC1 and kalirin-GEF1 inhibitors occurs without hampering cell proliferation and ADRN identity. Using three clinically-relevant expression dichotomies, we reveal that most of up-regulated mRNAs in RAC1- and kalirin-GEF1-suppressed ADRN-type NB cells are associated with low-risk characteristics. The computational analysis shows that, in a context of overall gene set poverty, the upregulomes in RAC1- and kalirin-GEF1-suppressed ADRN-type cells are a batch of AU-rich elements (ARE)-containing mRNAs, which suggests a link between NUC migration and mRNA stability. GSEA-based search for vulnerabilities reveals prospective weak points in RAC1- and kalirin-GEF1-suppressed ADRN-type NB cells, including activities of H3K27- and DNA ... (Show More)

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This dataset contains the RNA and ChIP Sequencing data from the study Kalirin-RAC controls nucleokinetic migration in ADRN-type neuroblastoma. The data is organized in 7 experiments which are divided by both sequencing technology or the application of siRNA or drug interventions (or lack thereof) on neuroblastoma cell lines. The experiment names and the file names have been chosen in each respective experiment to guide future users of the data to replicate the analyses in the manuscript.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 54

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