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Whole-genome sequencing of a census-based elderly cohort of Brazilians

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008203 -
EGAD00001008640 HiSeq X Ten 1
Publications Citations
Exomic variants of an elderly cohort of Brazilians in the ABraOM database.
Hum Mutat 38: 2017 751-763
Whole-genome sequencing of 1,171 elderly admixed individuals from São Paulo, Brazil.
Nat Commun 13: 2022 1004
Challenges in selecting admixture models and marker sets to infer genetic ancestry in a Brazilian admixed population.
Sci Rep 12: 2022 21240
Characterization of pharmacogenomic variants in a Brazilian admixed cohort of elderly individuals based on whole-genome sequencing data.
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