AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS with Eight Phenotypes

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Study Description

Multiple large COVID‑19 genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified reproducible genetic associations indicating a genetic component to susceptibility and severity risk. Many of these previous studies ascertained COVID‑19 cases in medical clinics and hospitals, which can lead to an overrepresentation of cases with severe outcomes, such as hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, or ventilation. Here, we demonstrate the utility and validity of deep phenotyping with self-reported outcomes in a population with a large proportion of mild and subclinical cases. Using these data, we defined eight different phenotypes related to COVID‑19 outcomes: four that align with previously studied COVID‑19 definitions and four expanded definitions that focus on susceptibility given exposure, mild clinical manifestations, and an aggregate score of symptom severity. We assessed replication of 12 previously identified COVID‑19 genetic associations with all eight phenotypes in a trans-ancestry meta-analysis of European (EUR), Admixed Amerindian (LAT), Admixed African-European ... (Show More)

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Continuous_Severity_Score
GWAS Summary Statistics 6541
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for ExposedPositive_ExposedNegative
GWAS Summary Statistics 4161
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Hospitalized_NotHosptialized
GWAS Summary Statistics 5980
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Positive_Negative
GWAS Summary Statistics 59292
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Symptomatic_Paucisymptomatic
GWAS Summary Statistics 6367
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Hospitalized_Unscreened
GWAS Summary Statistics 121878
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Positive_Unscreened
GWAS Summary Statistics 123021
AncestryDNA COVID-19 GWAS for Unscreened_ExposedNegative
GWAS Summary Statistics 121636

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