International Genetics of Parkinson Disease Progression (IGPP) Consortium GWAS Summary Results

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EGAS00001005110 Other

Study Description

To characterize how genetic variation influences the progression of Parkinson’s disease to dementia, which is a major determinant for quality of life, we performed a longitudinal genome-wide survival study (GWSS). Risk profile analysis was performed with a novel polygenic hazard score in longitudinal cohorts in the International Genetics of Parkinson Disease Progression (IGPP) Consortium.

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The data are the aggregate results from an IGPP Consortium genome-wide survival study, showing overall risk for Parkinson disease progression associated with each variant in a longitudinal cohort study. 11.2 million deeply imputed variants in 3,821 PD patients who were prospectively tracked with 36,123 visits over a median of 6.7 years from disease onset (inter-quartile range, 4.2 years) were analyzed. Data include hazard ratio, SNP ID, and P value.

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