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Multiregional sequencing of IDH-WT glioblastoma reveals high genetic heterogeneity and a dynamic evolutionary history

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive primary brain malignancy in adults. In addi-tion to extensive inter-patient heterogeneity, glioblastoma shows intra-tumor extensive cellular and molecular heterogeneity, both spatially and temporally. This heterogeneity is one of the main reasons for the poor prognosis and overall survival. Moreover, it raises the important question of whether the molecular characterization of a single bioptic sample, as performed in standard di-agnostics, actually represents the entire lesion. In this study, we sequenced the whole-exome of nine spatially different cancer regions of three primary glioblastomas. We characterized their mutational profiles and copy number alterations, with implications for our understanding of tu-mor biology in relation to clonal architecture and evolutionary dynamics, as well as therapeuti-cally relevant alterations.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001007063 NextSeq 500 27
Publications Citations
Multiregional Sequencing of IDH-WT Glioblastoma Reveals High Genetic Heterogeneity and a Dynamic Evolutionary History.
Cancers (Basel) 13: 2021 2044