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RNA-Seq of vocal fold fibroblasts in Reinke’s edema and control subjects

The voice disorder Reinke’s edema (RE) is a smoking- and voice-abuse associated benign lesion of the vocal folds, defined by an edema of the Reinke space, accompanied with pathological microvasculature changes and immune cell infiltration. Vocal fold fibroblasts (VFF) are the main cell type of the lamina propria and play a key role in the disease progression. Current therapy is restricted to symptomatic treatment. Hence, there is an urgent need for a better understanding of the molecular causes of the disease. In the present study, we investigated differential expression profiles of RE and control VFF by means of RNA sequencing. In addition, fast gene set enrichment analysis (FGSEA) was performed in order to obtain involved biological processes, mRNA and protein levels of targets of interest were further evaluated. We identified 74 differentially regulated genes in total, 19 of which were upregulated and 55 downregulated. Differential expression analysis and FGSEA revealed upregulated genes and pathways involved in extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling, inflammation and fibrosis. Downregulated genes and pathways were involved in ECM degradation, cell cycle control and proliferation. The current study addressed for the first time a direct comparison of VFF from RE to control and evaluated immediate functional consequences.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001007079 NextSeq 550 27
Publications Citations
Vocal Fold Fibroblasts in Reinke's Edema Show Alterations Involved in Extracellular Matrix Production, Cytokine Response and Cell Cycle Control.
Biomedicines 9: 2021 735