Whole-Exome Sequences from Imazighen and non-Imazghen from Tunisia

Study ID Alternative Stable ID Type
EGAS00001005205 Other

Study Description

Study of high-coverage whole-exome sequences from Amazigh (Tamazight-speakers) and non-Amazigh individuals (Arab-speakers) from Tunisia to analyze the impact of demography in functional genomic variation in the complex demographic context of North Africa. Amazigh individuals were sampled in Chenini and Douiret, and non-Amazigh individuals were sampled in Tunis.

Study Datasets 1 dataset.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
Dataset with 55 whole-exome sequences from Tunisian non-Imazighen samples and 20 whole-exome sequences from Tunisian Imazighen samples.
unspecified 75

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