Non-coding mutations reveal cancer driver cistromes in luminal breast cancer

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Whole-genome sequencing of primary breast tumors enabled the identification of cancer driver genes and non-coding cancer driver plexuses from somatic mutations. However, differentiating between driver and passenger events among non-coding genetic variants remains a challenge to understand the etiology of cancer and inform the delivery of personalized cancer medicine. Herein, we reveal enrichment of non-coding mutations in cis-regulatory elements that cover a subset of transcription factors linked to tumor progression in luminal breast cancers. Using a cohort of 26 primary luminal ER+PR+ breast tumors, we compiled a catalogue of ~100,000 unique cis-regulatory elements from ATAC-seq data. Integrating this catalogue with somatic mutations from 350 publicly available breast tumor whole genomes, we identified four recurrently mutated individual cis-regulatory elements. By then partitioning the non-coding genome into cistromes, defined as the sum of binding sites for a transcription factor, we uncovered cancer driver cistromes for ten transcription factors, namely CTCF, ELF1, ESR1, FOSL2, ... (Show More)

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A dataset of ER+PR+ breast tumor samples that were analyzed in order to identify mutation enrichment in cis-regulatory elements and cistrome. The repository includes sequencing data from 88 patients. 26/88 were sequenced using ATAC-seq
Illumina HiSeq 2000 26

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