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COVID19 Host Genetic Initiative

The COVID-19 host genetics initiative is a bottom-up collaborative effort that has three main goals: 1. Provide an environment to foster the sharing of resources to facilitate COVID-19 host genetics research (e.g. protocols, questionnaires). 2. Organize analytical activities across studies to identify genetic determinants of COVID-19 susceptibility and severity. 3. Provide a platform to share the results from such activities, as well as the individual-level data where possible, to benefit the broader scientific community. Here, we release the harmonized individual-level data for the subset of individuals who participated in COVID-19 HGI. Please refer to this data dictionary: Please cite both Nakanishi, T el al. J Clin Invest 2021 (PMID: 34597274) and COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, Nature 2021 (PMID: 34237774) when you use these data for your publications.

Click on a Dataset ID in the table below to learn more, and to find out who to contact about access to these data

Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001007832 348
EGAD00001007833 234
EGAD00001007834 392
EGAD00001007835 262
EGAD00001007836 1141
EGAD00001007837 739
EGAD00001007838 847
EGAD00001007839 847
EGAD00001007840 306
EGAD00001007841 306
EGAD00001007842 71
EGAD00001007843 71
EGAD00001007844 121
EGAD00001007845 121
EGAD00001007846 367
EGAD00001007847 37
EGAD00001007848 364
EGAD00010002171 306
EGAD00010002172 348
EGAD00010002173 71
EGAD00010002174 367
EGAD00010002176 364
EGAD00010002177 1141
EGAD00010002178 121
EGAD00010002179 392
EGAD00010002180 847
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