Bulk-tissue RNA-sequencing of anterior cingulate cortex samples derived from Lewy body disease patients

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Parkinson’s disease (PD), Parkinson’s disease with dementia (PDD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) are three clinically, genetically and neuropathologically overlapping neurodegenerative diseases collectively known as the Lewy body diseases (LBDs). A variety of molecular mechanisms have been implicated in PD pathogenesis, but the mechanisms underlying PDD and DLB remain largely unknown, a knowledge gap that presents an impediment to the discovery of disease-modifying therapies. Transcriptomic profiling can contribute to addressing this gap, but remains limited in the LBDs. Here, we applied paired bulk-tissue and single-nucleus RNA-sequencing to anterior cingulate cortex samples derived from 28 individuals, including healthy controls, PD, PDD and DLB cases (n = 7 per group), to transcriptomically profile the LBDs. Using this approach, we (i) found transcriptional alterations in multiple cell types across the LBDs; (ii) discovered evidence for widespread dysregulation of RNA splicing, particularly in PDD and DLB; (iii) identified potential splicing factors, with links to other ... (Show More)

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Profiling of 24 human anterior cingulate cortex samples by bulk-tissue RNA-sequencing. Samples were derived from 5 non-neurological control individuals and 19 individuals with Lewy body disease (Parkinson’s disease = 7 individuals; Parkinson’s disease with dementia = 6 individuals; dementia with Lewy bodies = 6 individuals). Paired-end FASTQ files for each of the human samples are provided and are denoted by the suffixes R1 (read 1) and R3 (read 2). Fastp (v 0.20.0), a fast all-in-one FASTQ ... (Show More)
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