Neuroblastoma tumor heterogeneity and cell plasticity (from patients)

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EGAS00001005322 Other

Study Description

Two cell identities, noradrenergic and mesenchymal, have been characterized in neuroblastoma cell lines according to their epigenetic landscapes relying on specific core regulatory circuitries of transcription factors. Yet, their relationship and relative contribution in patient tumors remain to be defined. Here, we document a spontaneous plasticity between the noradrenergic and mesenchymal identities in a subset of cell lines. Strikingly, mesenchymal neuroblastoma cells revert to a noradrenergic phenotype in vivo. Consistently, tumor cells with a mesenchymal identity are detected in single-cell transcriptomic analyses of neuroblastoma tumors and PDX models. Our data also highlight neuroblastoma intra-tumor heterogeneity with the co-existence of distinct tumor populations, including sympathoblast-like and chromaffin-like cells suggesting that neuroblastoma cells arise from a common sympatho-adrenal progenitor.

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This dataset contains 19 scRNAseq realized on neuroblastoma patients biopsies straight after surgical act.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 19

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