Systematic evaluation of NIPT aneuploidy detection software tools with clinically validated NIPT samples

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Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is a powerful screening method for fetal aneuploidy detection, relying on laboratory and computational analysis of cell-free DNA. Although several published computational NIPT analysis tools are available, no comprehensive and direct accuracy evaluations of these tools is published. Here, we evaluate and determine the precision of five commonly used computational NIPT aneuploidy analysis tools, considering diverse sequencing depth (coverage), arbitrary sequencing read placement, and fetal DNA fraction on clinically validated NIPT samples.

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This dataset contains two sets of samples. The reference sample set consists of a total of 669 samples that had been reported previously to be euploid by the NIPTIFY screening test. The validation sample set is based on a previously published validation study by Zilina et al. (1), consisting of 423 samples, of which 259 were high-risk pregnancies that had undergone diagnostic invasive prenatal analysis (1). All samples were sequenced with Illumina NextSeq 500 platform, producing 85 bp ... (Show More)
NextSeq 550 1092

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