Metabolomic and microbiome profiling reveals personalized risk factors for coronary artery disease

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Study Description

A comprehensive clinical and multi-omic profiling for 199 patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), an acute subcategory of CAD, that we recruited in two major Israeli hospitals. We demonstrate that ACS has distinct serum metabolome and gut microbial signatures, as compared to a control cohort. Metabolic aberrations linked with microbiome and diet show a gradual trend with significant metabolite deviations in control participants with metabolic impairment suggesting their involvement in earlier dysmetabolic phases preceding clinically overt CAD.

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Full clinical data for a cohort of 199 individuals with acute coronary syndrome. Untargeted serum metabolomics using the Metabolon platform for individuals with ACS (n=156). Serum metabolomics using the Nightingale Health (NMR) platform for individuals with ACS and controls (ACS, n=191; controls, n=961).

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