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SmMIP-tools:a computational toolset for processing and analysis of single-molecule molecular inversion probes derived data

Single-molecule molecular inversion probes (smMIPs) provides a modular and cost-effective platform for high-multiplex targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS). Nevertheless, translating the raw smMIP-derived sequencing data into accurate and meaningful information currently requires proficient computational skills and a large amount of computational work, prohibiting wide-scale adoption of smMIP-based technologies. To enable easy, efficient, and accurate interrogation of smMIP-derived data, we developed SmMIP-tools, a computational toolset that combines the critical analytic steps for smMIP data interpretation into a single computational pipeline. Here, we describe in detail two major components of the software. The first is a read processing tool that performs quality control steps, generates read-smMIP linkages and retrieves molecular tags. The second is an error-aware variant caller capable of detecting single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and short insertions and deletions (indels). Using a cell-line DNA dilution series and a cohort of blood cancer patients, we benchmarked SmMIP-tools and evaluated its performance against clinical sequencing reports. We anticipate that SmMIP-tools will increase accessibility to smMIP-technology, enabling cost-effective genetic research to push personalized medicine forward.

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EGAD00001007789 16
EGAD00001007790 44
EGAD00001007791 336
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SmMIP-tools: a computational toolset for processing and analysis of single-molecule molecular inversion probes-derived data.
Bioinformatics 38: 2022 2088-2095