Genes Health imputed genotype dataset

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EGAS00001005373 Population Genomics

Study Description

Genes & Health is a cohort of British Bangladeshi and British Pakistani individuals. In the Feb2020 data freeze, 28,022 individuals were genotyped on the Illumina Infinium Global Screening Array v3 chip (with the additional Multi-Disease variants). Imputation was performed using the Michigan Imputation Server with the GenomeAsia pilot reference panel, which contains 1,739 genomes and 642 from them are from South Asian groups. This dataset contains imputed SNPs with imputation accuracy >0.3 and MAF >0.1%.

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Genotyped data for 28,022 British individuals with South Asian ancestry from the Genes and Health cohort (Feb2020), which were imputed with the GenomeAsia pilot reference panel.

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