Integrative Profiling of T790M Negative EGFR Mutated NSCLC Reveals Pervasive Lineage Transition and Therapeutic Opportunities

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Study Description

We performed whole exome and transcriptome analysis of 59 first- and second-generation EGFR TKI resistant metastatic EGFR mutated patients to characterize and compare molecular alterations mediating resistance in T790M positive and negative disease. Transcriptomic analysis revealed ubiquitous loss of adenocarcinoma lineage gene expression in T790M negative tumors, orthogonally validated using multiplex immunohistochemistry. There was enrichment of genomic features such as TP53 alterations, 3q chromosomal amplifications, whole genome doubling and non-aging mutational signatures in T790M negative tumors. Almost half of resistant tumors were further classified as Immunehot, with clinical outcomes conditional on immune cell infiltration state and T790M status. Finally, using a Bayesian statistical approach, we explored how T790M negative and positive disease might be predicted using comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic profiles of treatment-naïve patients.

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Contains WES and RNA-seq for the 59 patients with first- and second-generation EGFR TKI-resistant metastatic EGFR-mutated NSCLC.

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