Risk alleles of membranous nephropathy and recurrence of the disease on the grafted kidney

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Study Description

The goal of the project was to identify risk alleles that are associated with recurrence of membranous nephropathy in the graft after kidney transplantation. First, we sequenced PLA2R1 and HLA-D loci in 248 patients with primary membranous nephropathy and identified two independent single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at risk for primary membranous nephropathy at each locus. Then we investigated whether primary membranous nephropathy at-risk variants were associated with recurrence in a retrospective cohort of 105 donor-recipient pairs and a replication cohort of 40 pairs.

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Samples are from patients enrolled in an international multicentric study aimed to define the genetic determinants of recurrence of membranous nephropathy in the kidney graft. They include 248 samples from patients with MN including 105 patients who received a graft, their 105 graft donors, and 192 controls all of Caucasian origin. Files from targeted-capture of HLA and PLA2R loci are available as fastq files.
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