Non-small cell lung cancer proteome subtypes expose targetable oncogenic drivers and immune evasion mechanisms

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EGAS00001005482 Other

Study Description

Proteome-level data of non-small cell lung cancer remains limited. In this study, we have collected 141 cases, and performed histological review, methylation profiling (113), custom panel sequencing (140), microarray expression profiling (118) and mass-spectrometry based proteomics (141). We identified six distinct groups of patients driven by histology, growth pattern, immune cell infiltration, druggable driver mutations, and hypomethylation-associated neoantigen burden. We validated the subtypes in independent proteomics datasets. Proteomics can refine treatment-oriented subtyping of non-small cell lung cancer.

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Targeted sequencing of non-small cell lung cancer samples. BAM files of paired end reads aligned to hg19 using BWA MEM v0.7.1573. This targeted panel covers 370 genes of clinical relevance in non-small cell lung cancer.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 140

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