Unraveling the transcriptomic profile of utero-tubal lavage fluid of ovarian cancer patients

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The majority of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage and have a high mortality rate. Current screening strategies fail to improve prognosis because markers of early stage disease are lacking. This medical need justifies the search for biomarkers enabling early detection of ovarian cancer. In this study, we explore the extracellular transcriptome of utero-tubal lavage fluid obtained from 26 ovarian cancer patients and 48 controls using messenger RNA (mRNA) capture and small RNA sequencing. Because of its contact with the fallopian tube and the ovaries, collection of utero-tubal lavage might be the preferred non-invasive method to identify localized lesions compared with analyses based on peripheral blood samples. We observed an enrichment of ovarian and fallopian tube specific messenger RNAs in utero-tubal lavage fluid compared to other human biofluids. Over 300 mRNAs and 41 miRNAs were upregulated in ovarian cancer samples compared with controls. Upregulated genes were enriched for genes involved in cell cycle activation and proliferation, hinting at a tumor derived ... (Show More)

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mRNA capture seq of uterotubal lavage samples
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 74

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