Differential expression profile of gluten-specific T cells identified by single-cell RNA-seq

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Gluten-specific CD4+ T cells drive the pathogenesis of celiac disease and circulating gluten-specific T cells can be identified by staining with HLA-DQ:gluten tetramers. In this first single-cell RNA-seq study of tetramer-sorted T cells from untreated celiac disease patients blood, we found that gluten-specific T cells showed distinct transcriptomic profiles consistent with activated effector memory T cells that shared features with Th1 and follicular helper T cells. Compared to non-specific cells, gluten-specific T cells showed differential expression of several genes involved in T-cell receptor signaling, translational processes, apoptosis, fatty acid transport, and redox potentials. Many of the gluten-specific T cells studied shared T-cell receptor with each other, indicating that circulating gluten-specific T cells belong to a limited number of clones. Moreover, the transcriptional profiles of cells that shared the same clonal origin were transcriptionally more similar compared with between clonally unrelated gluten-specific cells.

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The data contains paired-end fastq files of 1440 single cells transcriptome sequencing data from 4 Celiac disease patients. CD4+ T cells were sorted by HLA-DQ-gluten tetramers carrying four immunodominant gluten epitopes. All single cell libraries were constructed following SmartSeq2 and sequenced on Illumina NextSeq 500.
NextSeq 500 1440

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