Pancreatic islets PISA RNA-seq samples

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GWAS have identified more than 700 genetic signals associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D). To gain insight into the underlying molecular mechanisms, we created the Translational human pancreatic Islet Genotype tissue-Expression Resource (TIGER), aggregating >500 human islet RNA-seq and genotyping datasets. We imputed genotypes using 4 reference panels and meta-analyzed cohorts to improve coverage of expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) and developed a method to combine allele-specific expression across samples (cASE). We identified >1 million islet eQTLs (56% novel), of which 53 colocalize with T2D signals (60% novel). Among them, a low-frequency allele that reduces T2D risk by half increases CCND2 expression. We identified 8 novel cASE colocalizations, among which an SLC30A8 T2D associated variant. We make all the data available through the open-access TIGER portal (, which represents a comprehensive human islet genomic data resource to elucidate how genetic variation affects islet function and translate this into therapeutic insight and precision ... (Show More)

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The TIGER samples dataset contains PISA cohort samples which consist of paired RNA-seq and genotyping array data. It contains 127 RNA-seq pair-end samples in fastq format and 127 individuals genotypes in PLINK format.
unspecified 127
TIGER samples PISA genotyping array data
Illumina 127

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