Investigation of the keratinocytic gene expression pattern in Hidradenitis suppurativa

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The underlying pathogenetic factors generating the innate immune signal necessary for T cell activation, initiation and chronification of Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS, also known as Acne inversa) are still poorly understood. Emerging evidence suggests that defective keratinocyte function critically contributes to HS disease development and progression. To elucidate the role of keratinocytes in HS lesion formation, we compared the transcriptomes of isolated lesional and perilesional HS epidermis by RNA sequencing.

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Human skin samples were obtained from HS patients after informed consent (Ethical vote, University of Würzburg; No. 306/12). Lesional and perilesional were taken and epidermis and dermis separated. Isolated epidermal keratinocytes were further processed for RNA isolation. mRNA was extracted from five pairwise-matched lesional and perilesional epidermal HS pellets and RNA sequencing was performed.
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