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SudanMitoSeq: Sudanese mitochondrial sequencing

In various contexts, mitochondrial function or dysfunction can be linked to mitochondrial genome variations. The use of mitochondrial genetics thus promises personalized diagnostics and treatments. In order to devise specific precision medicine approaches based on mitochondrial genetic variation and to test them within clinical studies, control data is indispensable. Such control data needs to comprehensively cover genetic variation commonly observed and thus expected. In the context of this study we assessed whether current, world-wide mitochondrial data sufficiently represents the region of North and East Africa, that is, whether current reference data is ready for precision medicine in this region. Towards this, we sequenced mitochondrial genomes of 159 Sudanese individuals provided as part of this EGA study and analyzed them together with various other, publicly available data concerning mitochondrial variation. For details, please refer to the publication.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008315 HiSeq X Ten 159