Identification of biomarkers of response to preoperative talazoparib monotherapy in treatment naïve gBRCA+ breast cancers

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Germline mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 exist in ~2-7% of breast cancer patients, which has led to the approval of PARP inhibitors in the advanced setting. We have previously reported a phase II neoadjuvant trial of single agent talazoparib for patients with germline BRCA pathogenic variants with a pathologic complete response (pCR) rate of 53%. As nearly half of the patients treated did not have pCR, better strategies are needed to overcome treatment resistance. To this end, we conducted multi-omic analysis of 13 treatment naïve breast cancer tumors from patients that went on to receive single-agent neoadjuvant talazoparib. We looked for biomarkers that were predictive of response (assessed by residual cancer burden) after 6 months of therapy. We found that all resistant tumors exhibited either the loss of SHLD2, expression of a hypoxia signature, or expression of a stem cell signature. These results indicate that the deep analysis of pre-treatment tumors can identify biomarkers that are predictive of response to talazoparib and potentially other PARP inhibitors, and provides a ... (Show More)

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This data set contains whole exome sequencing (WXS) and RNA-Seq on germline BRCA- mutant tumors from 18 patients. BAM files are provided for WXS on tumor and germline samples. FASTQ files are provided for the RNA-Seq samples. Sequencing was done on an Illumina Hi-Seq 2500.
Illumina HiSeq 2000 38

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