Genomic profile of sporadic multiple meningiomas

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Study Description

Molecular mechanisms underlying the formation of sporadic MMs and clonal formation etiology of these tumors are poorly understood. In this study, we worked on a cohort of patients with spatially separated MMs without prior radiation exposure or a family history who underwent surgical resection of at least two meningiomas. Unbiased, comprehensive next generation sequencing was performed and relevant clinical data was analyzed. We identified that both NF2-loss and non-NF2 driven MMs can form due to monoclonal expansion and those tumors can acquire inter-tumoral heterogeneity through branched evolution. Grade I and II meningiomas can occur in the same patient. Thus, the molecular make-up and clinical behavior of one tumor in MMs, cannot reliably lend insight into that of the others and suggests the clinical management strategy for MMs should be tailored individually.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
Wes for 15 multiple meningioma samples from 6 individual
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 15

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