cfDNA and CDX/PDX methylation profiling in SCLC

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Study Description

We profiled the whole genome methylome of SCLC preclinical models and cfDNA samples. We assessed the sensitivity of cfDNA methylation profiling in detecting SCLC, especially at earlier stage of disease and the ability in discriminate among different SCLC molecular subtypes.

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This study contains methyl-binding domain sequencing and shallow whole genome sequencing from circulating free DNA (cfDNA) for 79 patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and 78 non-cancer controls. We also sequence genomic DNA (both methyl-binding domain sequencing and shallow whole genome sequencing) from 30 circulating-tumour-cell derived explant models (CDXs, from 23 unique patients with SCLC), 20 patient derived explant models (PDXs, from 10 unique patients with SCLC) and 13 lung tissue ... (Show More)
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